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America The Beautiful
Circle-Vision Exit Lobby
Character Phones

The Circle-Vision 360 presentation of America The Beautiful exited into a lobby of wondrous telephones of tomorrow. (Our personal favorite was the "Chatter Box", a family-sized glass booth containing a hands-free speakerphone! What a wonderful excuse to call the folks back home to say, "I'm calling from Disneyland!")

The lobby also contained a huge illuminated panel with cameos of several Disney characters (and a Bell Telephone System Operator), and a railing upon which were mounted telephones corresponding to each of the characters. The push of a button would ring that character's phone, and they would playback a message to the caller in a recorded monologue.

Although the exhibit guided young visitors in the protocols of telephone use and prepared them to be eager telephone consumers, the poor audio quality over these phones might well have vexed Bell System marketers with its dismaying lack of fidelity.

Note: The lack of audio quality in these recordings is due largely to the lack of audio quality offered in the original presentation. (After all, this exhibit was presented over a primitive 1974 telephone handset.) Sorcerer's Workshop offers these recordings in their original, wonderfully-flawed form, preserving with a high level of fidelity all of the clicks, hums and crackles contained in the original character voice playback.

Owing to drastic cutbacks in file storage and bandwidth restrictions by our current hosting server, some audio files on this page may have been made temporarily unavailable.
We at Sorcerer's Workshop are currently making arrangments to relocate and we will keep you informed on events and announcements of expanded and improved features.

Mickey Mouse: "(Laughs) This is Mickey Mouse. It's nice to know you. (Pluto barks and pants in background) Down, Pluto, down boy. (Laughs) And that's my dog, Pluto. We're glad you called us. When you call your other friends, we want you to always get the right number, too. There's a difference on the phone dial between the number "zero" and the letter "o", and also between the number "one" and the letter "i", even though they look the same. Ask your parents to show you the difference. (Laughs) Well, goodbye for now! Say goodbye, Pluto. (Pluto barks and pants in background)" (879kb.wav:41)
Grumpy: "Hello. This is Grumpy. Who keeps calling me? I've been trying to call Snow White, but her phone has been busy all day. So I went over there and you know what I found? Dopey had been playing with the phone and he left it off the hook! He knows better than that! You know better than that! Everybody knows better than that! People who play with the phone and leave it off the hook are just plain dopey...and they make me grumpy! Goodbye!" (831kb.wav :39)
Goofy: "(Laughs) Hello? Well, I'll be doggonned! Sure nice of you to call up old Goofy. I suppose you want to know how a glamorous TV and movie star lives. Well, I-take-a-swim-and-go-to-Disneyland-and-go-waterskiing-and-...what did you say? You can't understand me? (Laughs) Gorsh, I'm sorry, I wasn't polite, was I? Remember, when you make a call, be sure to speak slowly and clearly on the phone, not like I did. It's good manners and people will understand you better. Well, so long! (Laughs)" (865kb.wav:40)
Snow White: "Hello, Snow White speaking. Oh, I'm so glad you called because my friends, the 7 Dwarfs, are away at the diamond mine all day. I'm all alone in this tiny woodland cottage with nobody to talk to.* I'm glad you found my telephone number. Do you know your phone number? Ask your parents to teach you how to say it and how to write it down. Then you'll always be able to call home when you need to. Oh, I've got to go now, a little old lady is at the door with some luscious red apples. Goodbye, and please call again."(879kb.wav:41)

*Important Safety Note: (Kids at home: Do not follow Snow White's example of telling callers that you are home all alone in a tiny woodland cabin.)

Jiminy Cricket: "Hello, Jiminy Cricket Conscience Service, Jiminy Cricket speaking. Sure glad you called! I just tried to call my friend Pinocchio, but I forgot his phone number and I never wrote it down. Don't you do that. Be sure to have a list of your friends' telephone numbers handy when you dial. It's a lot faster than always looking it up in the phone book. By the way, do you happen to know Pinocchio's phone number? Ha-ha, I seem to have lost my phone book, too! So I better get going. Goodbye!" (735kb.wav:34)
Donald Duck: "Hello, this is Donald Duck, the Most Famous Duck in the World. But I've only won one Academy Award! (Explosion of temper) Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm not mad at you, but I do get mad at people who don't hang up their phones after calling. You don't do that, do you? If you do, your parents might miss important calls. Be sure and hang up when you're through. Bye-bye!" (825kb.wa :39)
Your Bell Telephone Operator: "Hi, there. I'm your Bell Telephone Operator. Tinkerbell just called me! That mean old Captain Hook was after her again, so I sent Peter Pan to help. Don't forget, if you're ever home alone and you need help, like, to report a fire, or call a policeman, just call me by dialing zero. Ask your Mom and Dad to show you how to call me. I'm always here to help you. (kb.wa :)

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